Hair Colors Decoded

An easy ways to update your look is to change your hair color. But before you break out a bottle of peroxide, you should know that every hair color has a positive and negative perception. Before you send the wrong idea, find out what your hair color is saying about you.

Very Light Blonde
Positive: Glamorous, youthful, feminine, and vulnerable
Negative: Frivolous
Orange Hair
Positive: Bright and cheerful
Negative: Loud and brassy
Peachy Blonde
Positive: Charming, youthful, and inviting
Negative: None
Brown Hair
Positive: Reliable and serious
Negative: Uncreative
Taupe Hair
Positive: Warm, practical, and classic
Negative: Colorless and dull
True Red Hair
Positive: Fiery and passionate
Negative: Angry, impractical, and hot-tempered
White or Silver Hair
Positive: Wisdom and purity
Negative: Old
Dark Brown or Black Hair
Positive: Mysterious and artistic
Negative: Shady and untrustworthy

So, it looks like we should all dye our hair peachy blonde, and then no one will think anything bad about us!

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