Video Game Allows Players To Rape And Force Abortions

Sure, we’ve seen other video games, like Grand Theft Auto, where players can sexually assault the female characters, but as offensive as that is, at least it’s not the objective of the game. But a Japanese video game called “RapeLay” has the sole purpose of allowing players to virtually rape women. The player stalks the female character in the subway station as she waits for the train — I’m already creeped out — and can virtually “pray” for a gust of wind to blow up her skirt and reveal her underwear. And that’s just the beginning.Players can grope and fondle the female avatar’s body, and while she will always try to fight off the player’s attack, he will always succeed in raping her. If that’s not horrific enough, after raping her, the player can move on to raping the woman’s two virgin daughters. One of them resembles a girl of about 10 and, horrifically, you can see tears coming out of her eyes. “Sniff… sniff… I w-w-want to die,” is one of the comments she’s automated to cry. Are you pissed off yet? We’re not done.

One of the features of the games allows you to invite your friends to participate in gang-raping the girls. There is also the possibility that the female characters may become pregnant. If this happens, the gamer is supposed to force her to have an abortion. If the player doesn’t make her have an abortion, she becomes more visibly pregnant every time you rape her. And if she has the baby, the female character will throw you in front of a train. Dying is the only way the rapist can’t attack anymore and therefore, the end of the game for the player.

Naturally, people are in complete outrage over the game. Amazon and eBay had previously listed the repulsive “RapeLay” on their sites, but have since pulled it. The company that released the video game has also come out with “Battle Raper” and “Battle Raper 2,” however in those games, no pregnancy and abortions were involved in the already disturbing concept. Even the video game cover is horrific. It depicts one of the siblings trying to protect her tearful sister from outstretched hands of someone coming to attack.

It should go without saying that the concept of this game is absolutely disgusting and deplorable. It’s sending a message that encourages rape and that there are no consequences for your actions. Video games are meant to be fun and entertaining. But if your idea of having fun is raping girls, even in a virtual sense, you’re a sick bastard. [Telegraph U.K.]