Smell Like A Porn Star, Plus Five Inevitable Celebrity Fragrances

Want to smell like lube, latex, and love juice? Then buy porn star Jenna Jameson’s just launched fragrance “Heartbreaker.” Named after, of course, the tattoo on her ass, the perfume also comes with a poster of Jenna, which makes sense, considering the only people we can envision buying this scent are her male fans who need something to inhale when they masturbate. Clearly, anyone can get a fragrance deal these days. After the jump, five stars who have yet to concoct a signature scent and the fragrance we envision for them… 1. La Bella Vita by Lindsay Lohan
Smells Like: Cocaine residue, musky cigarette butts, the sweet tang of Red Bull, and Sam Ronson’s B.O.

2. Rehab by Amy Winehouse
Smells Like: Hairspray, lighter fluid, and bare feet.

3. Prisoner by Katie Holmes
Smells Like: Baby vomit, Tom Cruise’s palm sweat, and fear!

4. Homewrecker by Sienna Miller
Smells Like: Um, cheap?

5. Katy by Katy Perry
Smells Like: Cherry chapstick, of course.