When You’ve Worn Out Your High-End Sex Doll, Send It To The Repairman

You might have heard of RealDolls, those insanely expensive mannequins (they start at $6,500) that resemble very attractive women. Some people have sex with them. As you might expect, having sex with a doll can cause some damage. But you don’t just throw away a doll that costs several thousands of dollars, you get it fixed. An article in this month’s issue of Details profiles Slade Fiero, the RealDoll Doctor. This job sounds like a subject even too gross for the Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs,” but Fiero doesn’t mind. He appreciates the craftsmanship of the dolls — and he must be making bank. When someone’s broken doll arrives at his home, he hangs her in the shower and shoots hot water into her body. Then, he injects acetone into her three orifices with a syringe: “I wear rubber gloves, so it’s really not that big of a deal for me. I don’t see gobbles of goop rushing out.” I think I just lost my lunch. [Details]