Accessorize Your Way To A Thinner Look

Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up about not shedding a few extra pounds. The gym is for losers! Instead, raid your jewelry box. I know you’re thinking: What do accessories have to do with looking thinner? Well, keep reading to find out.

Knotted Long Necklace, $34,
Instead of wearing a short necklace or choker with a crew neck, wear a long necklace with a V-neck, which will elongate your look.
Daisy Wreath Brooch, $39,
To get people to pay less attention to your body, wear a brooch near your face to draw attention up.
Double Figure-8 Drop Bead Earrings, $19.50,
Quit worrying about your fat cheeks or double chin and just put on some drop earrings, which make your face look less round.
Sliced Bangle Set, $6.80,
Brightly colored bangles will hide a thick wrist. If bracelets aren’t your thing, then wear an oversized men’s watch.
Reversible Tight-End Tights, $34, Spanx.comd
Cankles, shmankles. Just wear dark hosiery to slim your leg. And you’ll look taller if the hosiery is the same color as your outfit.
Jessica Simpson Vanity pumps, $49.99,
If you don’t want to look short and squat, then skip the chunky shoes. Instead, pick shoes with a thin heel and sole.
Dutchy DG Hobo, $69.99,
There’s no need to stop drinking beer, just hide your beer belly with a large purse. But definitely avoid tiny bags, including baby backpacks.
Wide Stretch Geometric Belt, $39,
Forget crunches and just put on a wide, dark belt, which will accentuate the narrowest part of your waist.
MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Inlay Belt, $78,
A large buckle in the middle of your belt will also define your waist. Avoid small buckles that will make it seem as if your belt is about to pop.
Yarn-dyed, $58,
Like a well-placed brooch, a scarf will also draw attention to the face. And a scarf can also double as curve-enhancing belt.