Quickies!: Nicky Hilton Makes Citizen’s Arrest, McSteamy Exiting “Grey’s Anatomy” & Free Stuff

  • You better think twice before pushing Nicky Hilton around. A man was arrested outside of an IHOP early Saturday for shoving the Hilton sister. But before the cops could put the cuffs on him, Nicky placed the pusher under citizen’s arrest. You go girl! [E!]
  • Speaking of IHOP, tomorrow is National Pancake Day. Guess who’s giving away free pancakes tomorrow? Free food is always good. [Walletpop.com]
  • More free stuff! Harlequin, a popular book publisher, is celebrating their 60th anniversary by offering a free book download to every woman in America. You can read your steamy romance novel while eating your free pancakes. [Harlequin]
  • Dr. McDreamy, is quitting his job at Seattle Grace Hospital on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Don’t worry, actor Patrick Dempsey, who portrays the role, isn’t going anywhere. His character is quitting after realizing more of his patients have died than survived. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • George Mason University crowned their homecoming queen this weekend. She’s a queen alright. A drag queen that is. [Candy Kirby]
  • Check out the hottest 15 fashion trends seen during Fashion Week. [Pipeline]
  • The thought of giving yourself an at-home bikini wax sounds dreadfully painful and scary. But it doesn’t have to be if you do it the right way. [College Candy]