Five Sexy Moves To Do In Public

Since we don’t spend most of our days in bed, we can’t expect all romance to happen there. As an article from’s Happen magazine suggests, you and your partner can seduce each other while going about your daily activities. However, we don’t recommend their tips for kicking things up a notch while in public. Instead, read our five moves for turning up the temperature while you and your honey remain clothed.

  • Even walking with your guy can be sensual, but any kind of walking that requires the two of you to move as one will be awkward and will annoy everyone else around you. Instead of hug-walking, walking in front of your partner with his arms around you while he puts his face over your shoulder and occasionally kisses your neck, or walking with your hand in your guy’s back pocket, link your arm through his and actually have a conversation about what you’d like to try in the bedroom.
  • If you’re not into embarrassing yourself or making every one around you uncomfortable, then skip the music-free, public slow dancing that Happen suggested and just try embracing each other deeply for as long as you can.
  • There’s nothing more sensual than surprising your man with a kiss from behind while he’s doing something mundane like washing dishes. You can tease a little bit by just letting him feel your breath, as suggests, but you should complete the deed with a kiss. Teasing is fun because you know eventually you’ll get exactly what you desire.
  • Your man would probably appreciate a hand massage the next time you two are watching TV, but he’d appreciate a foot massage even more because this is the part of his body he neglects most. And these Sexy Love Sox will show you which buttons to push to get him really turned on.
  • We do agree that secret PDA, i.e., squeezing a thigh under a dinner table, can be really exciting. You can take it one step farther by engaging in some old school footsie with your man, just make sure to avoid kicking other people.
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