The Five Funniest Oscar Moments

The movie business holds the Academy Awards in such high regard it can make or break a distribution deal. Luckily, actors don’t (always) take themselves so seriously. Aside from the over-the-top gushing that came when past winners introduced the nominees for the acting awards, there were plenty of LOL moments from last night’s Oscars (not including the moment when the camera caught Angelina Jolie laughing at Jennifer Aniston[‘s joke], above). From Styx lyrics in speeches to Steve Martin’s ego mania, here are our five favorite funnies…

5. Ben Stiller, who was dressed up like Joaquin Phoenix, said he wanted to retire from being the “funny guy.” Natalie Portman teased, “You look like you work in a Hasidic meth lab!”

4. Phellipe Petit, the subject of the documentary “Man On A Wire,” balanced his Oscar on his chin. Not technically as impressive as tight rope walking between the World Trade Center towers, but still very entertaining.

3. In a slew of almost unintelligible “thank yous” from Japanese animator Kunio Kato, he blurted out at the end, “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!” Classic.

2. While James Franco and Seth Rogen, in character as the boys from “Pineapple Express,” watched a clip from “The Reader,” cuddly cinematographer Januz Kaminski snuggled up to Seth. If we weren’t laughing so hard, we would have been green with envy.

1. The often disliked Sean Penn, famous for having an anti-Hollywood chip on his shoulder and a contentious relationship with the media and paparazzi, referred to the Academy which just gave him the Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey Milk, “You Commie, homo-loving sons of guns” and proved he had a sense of humor about his own attitude problem, saying, “I know how hard I make it to appreciate me.”

Honorable Mentions:
Hugh Jackman grabbed Anne Hathaway to play Nixon in his musical tour of the nominated movies. Her double peace sign impression was so bad it was good!
Jack Black, who starred in DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda, joked he was betting his big voice over paycheck on Pixar to win the Oscar. And when he was right, we heard an off-camera, “Yes!”