10 Ingenious Infomercial Products

Infomercials provide plenty of comedic fodder, but some products, like the Snuggie and Strap Perfect can actually make your life better! And they’re not the only useful infomercial products. After the jump, check out our picks for infomercial products we might buy, and not just during a 3 a.m. shopping spree.

Bra Baby, $19.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
This device helps maintain bras’ shape while you wash and dry them.
Chillow, $29.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
The Chillow Comfort Device is designed to keep your pillow cool throughout the night, so you don’t have to keep turning over the pillow, looking for the cool spot.
Kymaro Curve Control Jeans, $39.95, UBuyEZ.com
The special weave built into these jeans will contour to your body and hold you in just like a pair of Spanx.
Bra Smart, $16.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
Your bras will keep their shape when you air dry them around this device.
Callus Remover, $14.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
This machine helps maintain a pedicure way beyond the two- week period.
DermaWand, $119.80 (broken up into four payments), DermaWand.com
This wand will give you the look of a “non-surgical face lift” at home. It improves circulation, tightens, and tones skin.
Sham Wow, $19.95 for eight towels, BuyShamWow.com
These towels will virtually eliminate the need for paper towels, because they’re reusable and more durable.
Slendertone Flex, $119.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
If this device does what’s promised, it will give you firm, toned, and stronger abs in a few weeks without any exercising.
Touch N Bond, $14.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
This adhesive can mend almost any fabric tear in a minimal amount of time.
Twin Draft Guard, $9.95, AsSeenOnTV.com
This guard blocks annoying drafts in the winter and summer.