Liveblogging The Academy Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show!

Starting tonight at 7:30 pm EST, some very Fetching ladies, Jessica, Robyn, and Sasha will be live blogging the Academy Awards’ Red Carpet pre-show on ABC. Let’s face it — aside from the initial few big awards given away at the beginning, and the big awards handed out at the end, don’t we all tune in for this nonsense to see what the ladies are wearing? Oh, and remember, if you decide to stick it out for the entire Oscars, you can play Frisky Oscar Bingo when you get bored… Anyway, check back with this post at 7:30 to get the lowdown on the red carpet happenings as they occur. — Editor ROBYN: I am “Doubting” the ability of Amy Adams’ stylist, cuz her marble-like necklace is not really working

ROBYN: maybe It’s a recession trend: stones over diamonds?

SASHA: Matthew Broderick and SJP look very awkward — why are they there?

ROBYN: OK, my FAVE so far is Natalie Portman, LOVE her strapless fuchsia dress

SASHA: Heidi Klum’s dress is quite droopy. She would totally trash it if some Project Runway contestant would have made it

SASHA: Wow. Hathaway looks like a sparkly princess Barbie.

ROBYN: Strapless silhouette is continuing with Anne Hathaway in a sleek silver dress, super shiny, but wonder if she looks a bit washed out?

SASHA: Viola Davis looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress.

JESSICA: A pretty one?

SASHA: It’s OK. Jay whatever from America’s Next Top Model was drooling over it.

SASHA: Freida Pinto’s dress is a bit 80s prom.

ROBYN: So far the makeup is pretty light.

SASHA: Marisa Tomei looks kind of plain; like her hair is half-finished.

SASHA: Beyonce? What is she doing there?

JESSICA: She’s Beyonce! Come on!

SASHA: You have a point.

SASHA: Beyonce is wearing a long black and copper sleeveless gown that gathers in a fan-like thing at the bottom.

ROBYN: Oh no, I got a glimpse of Beyonce, I think her mom made her dress, black and gold lamé with a fishtail!

SASHA: Mickey Rourke! He looks like a biker. He could have at least washed his hair.

ROBYN: Mickey Rourke looks kookily good, he has pic of beloved Loki on his neck!

JESSICA: Sasha doesn’t think he looks good!

ROBYN: She knows nothing! He’s Mickey Rourke.

SASHA: His face looks very fresh and naturale.

SASHA: Queen Latifah looks very sleek in a sleeveless, studded black gown

ROBYN: I’ll have whatever Diane Lane is having, she looks younger than 10 years ago!!

SASHA: Jessica Biel is blabbing on her cell phone. Is she talking to Justin?

JESSICA: On the red carpet? Isn’t that kinda rude? Maybe she has an emergency? A fashion emergency!

SASHA: Indeed!

SASHA: That “Glamastrator” thing is so useless! It’s covering everything up!

JESSICA: What’s the Glamastrator?

SASHA: These little lines and squiggles they’re using to hughlight different parts of peoles’ outfits.

JESSICA: Ooohhh. On what channel?


SASHA: Ahh, it’s Queen Meryl in sort a drab/dowdy dress.

JESSICA: Oh no…but come on, she’s a goddess! She can wear whatever she wants.

SASHA: Look, it’s Edith Piaf!! Marion Cotillard is flawless in a dark blue shiny dress and neat, tight bun.

SASHA: Jessica Biel is wearing a long droopsy napkin

JESSICA: You are being mean tonight — who looks good tonight?

SASHA: Jessica Biel looks pretty, i just don’t like her dress

ROBYN: What do you think of the Biel’s hair? Kinda messy but I like it. Maybe she just got out from the backseat with Justin.

JESSICA: h-o-t-t

SASHA: I like Marion Cotillard

SASHA: Brad and Angie have arrived. Angie is wearing a simple black empire waist dress. Looks classic!

ROBYN: FIRST SHOT of Brad and Angie, she looks SKINNY. She looks like she has some fun aqua earrings to go with her requisite black dress (strapless of course)!

SASHA: Everyone looks okay, I just haven’t been blown away yet. The stars do seem a bit toned down.

JESSICA: How does Brad look? Is he a hottie tonight more so than usual?

SASHA: I didn’t get a good look at him. They just showed them for a flash–They’ll be back.

ROBYN: What did you guys think of Freida Pinto’s dress? I like the color, wonder if it was an Indian designer. But I HATE sheer sleeve son young girls.

SASHA: It’s Penelope Cruz wih awesome bangs, looking very chic and Audrey-ish.

ROBYN: Wow, I wanna see “Nine”, Pénelope, Marillon, AND SOPHIA lauren

ROBYN: Dresses are pretty muted in color

SASHA: Brad is moustachioed and fresh and young lookimng. he and Angie look like the king and queen o’ Hollywood.

ROBYN: Take it back, Angies earrings are GREEN

ROBYN: I wonder if Brad and Angie will diss Ryan Seacrest

ROBYN: Jay Manuel is giving me ANOTHER fashion/fabric lesson

ROBYN: Jessica’s, it’s your Girl Crush: Lady Kate has arrived!

SASHA: Winslet is in the house! Her dress is rather angular. Kind of art-deco.

SASHA: Kate’s retro-architectural steel-grey dress is the best of the night! She is dressed for SUCCESS!

JESSICA: What’s Kate’s hair like?

SASHA: It’s pulled back and sleek, classic Hollywood. It looks perfect. Slicked back, but not severe.

ROBYN: Sasha, is this a winning Kate dress?

SASHA: Definitely…I didn’t hear her say who made it.

ROBYN: It’s kinda ’40’s Ya,y GOOO Kate!!

ROBYN: Isn’t Ben Lyons dating The City chick?

JESSICA: Which City chick? Whitney?

ROBYN: I think so.

JESSICA: I have no idea. Ooooh, I think the ceremonies are starting really soon!

ROBYN: I like Alicia Keys rose-colored dress, I’m spotting a trend.

ROBYN: Whoooa what’s Hugh Jackman doing to Babs?

JESSICA: Haha, did you just change the channel to ABC? Yeah, Hugh Jackman gave Barbara Walters a lap dance after his interview!

ROBYN: Does Kate’s dress have HEARTS on it? Maybe her kids pasted ‘em on? Maybe I just “seeing” hearts for Kate?

SASHA: Oh, I didn’t notice the sparkles on Kate’s dress. Her dress is Yves Saint Laurent

JESSICA: Are you drinking? :)

ROBYN: NO, thats the problem!

JESSICA: Oooh, the red carpet started on ABC now! Whoo hoo, I can watch now cuz I don’t have cable!

JESSICA: OMG! Tim Gunn is hosting the red carpet on ABC!

SASHA: OK, now I’m on ABC. Yay Tim Gunn!

ROBYN: YAY, switch to ABC, I LOVE Tim Gunn!! So much better than Jay Manuel.

JESSICA: Diane Lane is always so gorgeous. I love her simple black dress tonight! Very classic.

JESSICA: Tim Gunn told Amy Adams “No one looks more fabulous than you do!”

SASHA: Amy Admas is in Carolina Herrera. She’s got huge colorful necklace on. It’s stunning!

JESSICA: Someone needs to knockoff Amy’s necklace stat!

JESSICA: SJP is in Dior haute couture. So gorgeous!

ROBYN: I HATE Amy’s Fred Leighton’s baubles.

JESSICA: Are you serious? I love them.

ROBYN: It looks CHEAP!

JESSICA: No, it doesn’t! That necklace is sweet. Totally disagree with you.

ROBYN: I wanna be a “beacon” for fashion like SJP!! OMG, SJP speaks French!

SASHA: SJP is wearing a very fairytale-like vintage Dior.

JESSICA: Wow, Angelina’s earrings are so green.

SASHA: I know. Interesting choice. Brangelina is just breezing bythe interviewers.

ROBYN: What did Tim say to Brangelina?

JESSICA: Didn’t catch it?

ROBYN: I think he just said “It works!”

JESSICA: Tim Gunn is saying Valentino is Oscar’s good luck designer….oh, and they’re interviewing him! How cute!!! He’s asking, “What does it feel like to dress the world’s most beautiful women?” And Valentino just looks so proud.

JESSICA: Dev Patel from Slumdog! I ADOOOOOORE him! He was awesome in “Skins”! Oh, and look at those cutie little kids from Slumdog Millionaire! Wow, Dev Patel is only 18! Oh and he has a British accent, so cute! Omg, Freida Pinto is offering to introduce one of the kids from the movie to Miley Cyrus!

ROBYN: Those kids are SOO frigging cute!!

JESSICA: I love Vanessa Hudgens’ dress! It’s so elegant!

ROBYN: Is Zac Effron at prom?

JESSICA: Don’t be mean! He’s in a tux! What more do you want from him?

ROBYN: Converse?

JESSICA: He was wearing Converse?

JESSICA: Viola Davis looks like an angel…I think she looks so pretty. A gold angel

ROBYN: I feel like I’ve seen that dress before

JESSICA: that makes it classic!

JESSICA: I’m not loving Miley’s dress — it looks like Marion Cotillard’s from last year

ROBYN: Miley looks cute and age-appropriate.

ROBYN: You are very smart, fashion sleuth!

SASHA: Why is Miley Cyrus there? She bought her sparkly, belted tiered dress off the rack, apparently.

SASHA: Anne Hathaway looks like a gorgeous mermaid–her dress has a fish scale effect.

ROBYN: Anne’s dress is growing on me.

ROBYN: Whooa, WHAT was up with Usher’s wife’s boobs?

ROBYN: Who’s y’alls fave? I’m still sticking with Natalie.

JESSICA: Vanessa Hudgens for me!

ROBYN: NO way.


ROBYN: Sasha, what do you think?

JESSICA: Wow, it’s the men carrying the briefcases with the winning envelopes inside. That’s cute.

JESSICA: Meryl Streep! She brought her “baby” daughter as her date! What a lovely daughter! Good genes in that family…

ROBYN: Meryl’s daughter is HOT!

SASHA: I like Kate W the best so far.

SASHA: I’m sorry, but Meryl’s dress is sludgeyand shapeless. No likey.

JESSICA: You’re crazy. She’s so elegant.

ROBYN: Meryl and her kid are CUTE, it’s mom and daughter metallics.

SASHA: Wait, Penelope Cruz’s dress is really cool. It’s much easier to see in HD.

ROBYN: I do like Pénelope’s daughter DRESS.

JESSICA: Marisa Tomei is my new favorite…her dress is bombshell elegant. Versace!

ROBYN: I DON’T know, I wanna like it

AMELIA FROM THE FRISKY: I LOVE Marisa Tomei’s dress. She’s the f***ing hottest 40-something ever

SASHA: Marisa Tomei’s dress is WILD!!! It’s Versace.

JESSICA: Leslie Mann’s dress is made out of “indestructible material,” jokes Judd Apatow. It’s so wacky that I give her props for daring to wear it!

AMELIA: So far, I don’t strongly hate anything, except for maybe the presence of so much POOF.

JESSICA: what did you think of Leslie Mann’s silver-y number? Kind of NASA, huh?

AMELIA: Ooof, yeah. I mean, I kinda like it, but it’s a bit much.

AMELIA: Oh, I forgot, I do not like Viola Davis’ dress.

JESSICA: Really? I did. It was so gold and pretty.

AMELIA: It’s VERY Jessica McClintock.

JESSICA: You are a crazy lady.


AMELIA: And I love Amy Adams, too!

JESSICA: So is the red carpet over? Should we keep chatting?


JESSICA: And it’s Hugh Jackman looking fiiiiiiiiiiiine tonight. Oh, and that accent is adorable!

JESSICA: I think we’re done here, ladies.

SASHA: GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!