Say What?! Four Totally Bizarre News Stories

How far would you go to hide your cell phone? Would you hide it your butt? Because that’s what this girl did. A 14-year-old girl was arrested after her teacher repeatedly told her to stop texting on her cell phone, and she didn’t listen. So when the cops got to the school to confiscate the girl’s cell phone, she denied having one. When police searched the girl for the phone guess where they found it? Yup, it was in her butt crack! Totally gross. How are you ever going to talk on your phone again with poo on it? Ewww. Her’s, unfortunately, isn’t the only outrageous news story. After the jump, three totally bizarre news stories that make you go hunh?

  • Putting a cell phone in your rear doesn’t seemso bad after hearing this. Imagine going to the ER and telling the doctors that you have a can of hairspray stuck up your booty. When will people learn not to put random household objects in or around bodily orifices? The woman never revealed how the can got stuck up there but I’m sure you can use your imagination.
  • What would you do with 93 pounds of underwear? Yeah, I don’t know either. But Garth Flaherty did! He stole 1,613 pairs of underwear, enough to fill five garbage bags, from various laundry rooms on the Washington State Campus. Maybe he prefers thongs to briefs. Thongs are more flattering.
  • It must be really hard being lonely. It can make you do some stupid things. Perhaps, it can make you stick your penis in a park bench. A Hong Kong man knows all about that pain. He thought it would be fun to have sex with a steel bench with tiny holes in it. The fun turned to danger when the man became a little too aroused and his boner got stuck. Doctors were able to pry it free, but said if it had been stuck any longer, they would have had to amputate his penis. Remind me to never sit on a park bench with holes in it again.