10 Most Outrageous Oscar Moments

What happens when you pack an auditorium full of attention whores…er, I mean actors? Oscar Night! The stars are all dying to shine at Hollywood’s biggest award night and the lengths they’ll go to to get some applause always make it worth watching! So, let’s take a tour of Crazy Tinseltown with the Top 10 Most Outrageous Oscar Moments! 1. It’s A Family Affair
About to accept her 2000 Oscar for her role in “Girl, Interrupted,” Angelina Jolie passionately kissed:
a. Brad Pitt
b. Billy Bob Thornton
c. Her brother, James
If you answered “C” you are correct…and probably grossed out.

2. Babs’ Boobs
In the appropriate year of 1969, Barbra Streisand ripped her bell-bottomed Scassi pantsuit on the way to the stage. But that wasn’t nearly as revealing as the material her outfit was made of — once the lights hit her, it became completely see-through.

3. Horniest Honoree
After climbing on top of chairs and jumping up the stairs to get to the stage, Roberto Benigni, the director and star of Life Is Beautiful, made a pass at the whole audience and said, “I want to kiss everybody!” His charming enthusiasm and adorable accent luckily made his offer seem not so creepy.

4. South Tuck
At the 2000 Oscars, Trey Parker and Matt Stone donned drag on the Oscar red carpet. Dolled up in sexy gowns made infamous by Gwyneth Paltrow and J. Lo, the studs of “South Park” showed off more than just their sense of humor.

5. Make Out Scene
Upon winning the Best Actor Oscar in 2003, Adrien Brody went in for the real prize. He grabbed presenter Halle Berry and planted one on her. Hot! Then, the following year, when he presented Charlize Theron with her Best Actress Oscar, he sprayed some breath freshener and went in to kiss her too. What a stud!

6. Winning Streak
In swinging 1974, Oscar wasn’t the only naked dude being presented. Robert Opel, a San Francisco photographer, art-gallery owner and gay activist, streaked across the stage in his birthday suit.

7. Preaching Against The Choir
In 2004, Will Ferrell and Jack Black wrote hilarious “you’re boring” lyrics to the song that cuts off acceptance speeches that drag on for too long. It’s funny, cause it’s true! But only they would have the balls to say it to celebs on their biggest night.

8. Work Out
After winning an Oscar in 1992 for his tough guy role in “City Slickers,” 72-year-old Jack Palance’s acceptance speech was a series of one-armed push-ups. Yeah, he stil had it, but he had also clearly lost it!

9. Pulp Friction
When Samuel L. Jackson didn’t win Best Supporting Actor for his role in Pulp Fiction he said a four letter word that rhymes with spit. So, now we’re giving him some…even though he’s a bad ass.

10. Swan Song
In 2001, the year she was nominated for Best Actress for her role in “Dancer In The Dark,” Bjork looked like she got dressed in the dark when she wore a designer swan to the Oscars. But what would you expect? the Icelandic singers striking style has been shockingly influential.