Are You Having Trophy Sex?

You’ve heard of the trophy wife, but now trophy sex is turning that convention on its head. According to Guardian U.K. advice columnist, Pamela Stephenson Connolly, the term “trophy sex” is defined as simply seducing a man for his sex candy and then tossing him out like a wrapper once you’ve had your way with him. A lot of independent women enjoy trophy sex as a way of life — confirmed bachelorettes, who are just in it to win it!

Chelsea Handler literally wrote the book on this phenomenon. She openly discusses her trophy sexploits in “My Horizontal Life: a Collection of One Night Stands”. Man-eaters like Handler rival the lifestyles of ladies men like George Clooney, Russell Brand, and Jeremy Piven. And plenty of regular gals are also getting a lot action! The no nonsense ladies are having casual sex in record high numbers; in fact, the amount of women trolling internet dating sites solely for sex has doubled over the past five years to nearly 20%.

But are men the winners or the losers when women decide to pick up a match solely to win the prize in their pants? Who cares? Certainly not a woman who has sex like a stereotypical man! Dudes, on the other hand, are starting to go all emo, or, as our Mind of Man, John DeVore puts it, “Women are becoming more commitment-phobic, finding security in the cheap validation of sexual conquest, and men are becoming more emotionally needy, burying their snouts in pints of Häagen-Dazs while manically checking to see if she texted back.” Ha!

While we think Stephenson Connolly, a psychotherapist, was a Debbie Downer in her “Sexual Healings” column, for seeing casual sex as purely being an intimacy issue, she does deserve some props for coining the lingo. Love ‘em and leave ‘em sounds good, but “trophy sex” makes independent women who are confident in their sexuality seem award-winning in the sack. We just had to submit the term to Urban Dictionary in hopes of getting “trophy sex” out there through word of mouth!