Terminal Cancer Isn’t Stopping Reality TV Star Jade Goody From Being Camera Shy

Reality TV star Jade Goody made headlines for her antics on “Big Brother” in the U.K. Instant notoriety came when she said, “I thought East Anglia was abroad.” But now she’s in the headlines for another, much more tragic reason. The 27-year-old has been fighting an uphill battle with cervical cancer since last August. Unfortunately, chemotherapy hasn’t worked to combat the cancer that is rapidly spreading throughout her body. Doctors have given the star only weeks to live. In an interview, Jade revealed how she felt when she received the news.

“I couldn’t breathe when they told me, just screamed and cried and said, ‘Can’t anyone do anything to help me!’ Because a few weeks ago when they first told me the chemo hadn’t worked they said it didn’t have to be the end.”

Jade is aware of her inevitable fate, but instead of accepting the idea that she’s dying, she’s choosing to live in the moment instead.
For starters, she’s marrying her longtime boyfriend, the recently paroled Jack Tweed, this Sunday. Harrods department store donated a designer dress for her to walk down the aisle in. Jade’s favorite band, pop group Girls Aloud, will be performing.

Jade isn’t shying away from the cameras now either. She’s documenting her final days on video and selling the rights to the highest bidder. So far, her terminal illness has secured a series of deals that include photos of the wedding printed in OK!, the wedding ceremony to be aired on cable television, and a televised interview with “America’s Got Talent” judge, Piers Morgan. The money earned (estimated at a possible $1.5 million) will go to help her four- and five-year-old sons.

She told The Sun, “People say I’m doing this for the money. And they’re right. I am but not to buy flashy cars or big houses. It’s for my sons future.” Jade may not be fully aware of the kind of impact she has. Her public bout with cervical cancer has brought awareness to the rest of Britain. The number of women receiving cervical screenings has seen a boost by 21%. It’s very obvious, Jade will continue to have a lasting impression, well after she’s gone.