Coregasm: Exercise Ecstacy

Exercise does a body good — literally. Forget feeling the burn, a new workout move called the coregasm will give you sheer pleasure while you tone your abs! That’s right, you can get off and get fit all with one easy move. Find out how, after the jump…

1. Hang Time: Find the vertical leg raise unit or a chin up bar, something that will let your legs hang. If you’re using a bar, make sue your arms are spread a bit wider than your shoulders. Or, you can also purchase ab straps to help hold you up at the bar. They’re like water wings for people not quite ready for the bicep deep end.

2. Higher And Higher: Keeping your thighs together, bend your knees, let your back curl up, and lift those legs to your chest — if you’re doing it right, you’ll feel pressure down there, stimulating the inner things and the clitoris. Oh yeah, that’s the rub!

3. Variety Is The Spice Of Life: There are three variations on the classic move for your clit and core muscles.

  • Twist and Shout: Some women prefer to do their leg lifts from side to side rather than just straight up and down.
  • Rock it Like A Rockette: Others like to keep their legs tightly together and straight and them lift them in unison to their waist.
  • Baby Got Back: One woman enthusiastically reported that she prefers to do leg lifts while lying down with a pillow under the arch of her back. With her hands free, she was even able to add a vibrator.
  • 4. Get Going: It takes about three repetitions with 15-20 lifts to get to the big O. Just make sure you’re not swinging your body for momentum. Keep the workout focused on your core and you’ll feel it in your clitoris.

    5. Good Form: Do it right! You can check to make sure your form is flawless here. Or, just check out the hot, shirtless, muscle-bound fitness model — either way, you’ll feel inspired.