Ask The Astrosexologist: Should This Leo Wait For Her Virgo Man To Be Ready For Commitment?

“I’m a Leo girl (Capricorn Ascendant, Moon in Aries, Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Libra) and I’m extremely emotional. I’m dating a really great guy (Sun in Virgo, Sagittarius Ascendant, Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Leo, Venus in Libra) who is really into me. We have been together for over a year and have a great relationship. We rarely argue, still have an exciting sex life and I think we balance each other out very well. My emotional personality goes well with his practicality and discipline. However, our relationship started out while he was in the process of getting divorced — he and his ex wife have been divorced for eight months now. We’ve gone through numerous difficulties and have come out of those issues closer and stronger than before. My problem seems to be trusting him and controlling my jealous impulses. I want to put my wandering mind to rest and believe that he is faithful. I have no reason NOT to believe this, as he constantly speaks with me and tells me he loves and misses me, but sometimes I can’t help but think that he is sleeping with his ex or someone he works with.

He talks about the future constantly. However, he is skeptical about moving too fast because he thinks that was his issue with his ex-wife. He says that things will develop naturally over time. However, my impatient nature has me ready to move in with him right away. He frequently says, ‘It’s not the right time for us.’ I know I should be patient, trust him and give him time, especially since he just recently got divorced, but I can’t seem to lock my emotions down and trust that this is the right thing for us right now. Help!” – Leo LadySounds like in the back of your mind you’re wondering if you’re just the prolonged rebound girl, the one that helped him get through a difficult time and now is caught in a standstill. If you have that question or any others, the only one that can answer them is your man. It sounds like you obviously do discuss a lot of things, but are you asking all questions you really want to? What he wants, where does he want to go with you, etc.? If he can’t give you answers about your future that you can truly trust, take that as a red flag. Virgos are planners and they like to know the details, so if he is being vague, then you shouldn’t just chalk it up to being emotional about everything and ignore it. All your intuitions and feelings are important and you should pay attention to them. How else do you know you’re happy, unless you are actually feeling it? Hello!

Whether he was to move on from his marriage or not is a topic you could debate forever, and it could or could not have anything to do with you. You need to sort out what your priorities are and move ahead from there. Figure out your plans, what you want from life, separate from any particular man. Then if he wants to be a part of it, give him a chance to let you know where he wants to fit in. Address this Virgo linearly and in the most generic way you can muster, as they operate most honestly in this manner. However, if you don’t get the info you want, then calling a time out or deciding to break up is in your court, as that is what healthy relationships are about — working and negotiating a shared life. If you aren’t getting that, and just waiting around, then that is the time to drop the gauntlet and start getting real with yourself and making yourself happy. Only when you are happy do you live the truest life possible and if you aren’t getting it, then it’s up to you to get it going in that direction.

Currently in your favor are a lot of planets in your partnership house — the most powerful is Mars, which is in your partnership house until March 15th. This gives you ample oomph to get to the heart of where you want your relationship to go and start setting down new laws. Mars is the planet of ambition, so consider what you really want in your love life. Plus, there are many planets heading into Aries soon too, into your idealism sector, which can help give you the insight to set your own path straight. However, it’s up to you to start calling those shots and see that waiting around and being a dutiful girlfriend only works when you feel like you are actually getting what you want.

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