10 Reasons It’s Awesome To Pee Like A Girl

How many times have we all wished we could pee standing up like a man? It would just make life so much easier. If you’re on the highway and really need to go, you won’t need to squat in a shady woodsy area with rodents and insects keeping you company. Well, wish no more! Hot on the heels of products like Whiz Biz and the Shenis is a new female urination device called Go Girl. It allows you to stand up and pee like the fellas — only the fellas don’t have to put a urine soaked doohickey back in their purses afterward. Honestly, instead of always complaining about how much better our lives would be if we could pee like a guy, there are actually benefits to peeing like a girl that we take for granted. After the jump, ten reasons sitting down instead of standing up has its advantages.

When you pee sitting down, you can…

1. Talk on the phone
2. Catch up on all the gossip by scanning through the celeb mags, which only take the length of a good pee to read anyway.
3. Rest your legs. It’s hard strutting in heels all day!
4. Tone those thigh muscles, on those occasions when you’re squatting over a gnarly bar bathroom toilet seat.
5. Surf the web, send an email or text your friends about drinks later.
6. Read your mail, thumb through catalogs and shred bills you’ll maybe get around to paying when you’re done tinkling.
7. Floss your teeth.
8. Cry. For some reason this is more satisfying whilst sitting down.
9. Read a book, one page at a time, increasing your IQ and thereby becoming brilliant.
10. Apply a top coat of polish to finger or toe nails — just be careful when it’s time to wipe!