The Nadya Suleman Saga Continues

Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets recently and has six other children, continues to be on everyone’s minds and lips. After the jump, everything we know about her so far.

  • She is unmarried and conceived all her children though in-vitro fertilization.
  • In fact, she has intimacy issues with men and hasn’t had sex in eight years!
  • She has received $50,000 in student loans.
  • She plans to support her children once she completes her master’s degree in chil counseling. Until then, she will continue to support her children with $490 in food stamps and social security disability payments for three of her 14 children.
  • She’s been paid for interviews with the U.K. Sun and Daily Mail, according to Us Weekly.
  • Her website takes donations. Donors can conveniently pay through PayPal!
  • She maintains that she isn’t trying to be like Angelina Jolie, despite the obvious changes to her facial features that draw a strong resemblance.
  • She has folks (maybe California taxpayers?) so pissed off that some have even sent death threats via her website.

Suleman and her children seem like a match for cable network TLC, which has two shows about large and/or quirky families, but don’t expect her to go Hollywood anytime soon. Much to her disappointment, I’m sure, industry people are running away from her in droves. Two publicity firms stopped representing her in the same week. Word is the employees of the firms were also getting death threats. She was dropped from another firm on Valentine’s Day after only two weeks of representation. As of right now, no one officially represents her. And TLC, who expressed interest in a program about the Suleman family early on, isn’t pursuing a show after all.

Although Suleman won’t get her own show anytime soon, you have to admit that her story is perfect for reality TV because people view her as unstable, unlikable and selfish — qualities reality TV fans love to hate! She has also forced other large TV families — like the Gosselins of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and the Duggars of “17 Kids and Counting” — to up the ante. The Gosselins will adopt two puppies into their family this season, even though the boys aren’t potty-trained yet, to keep viewers interested this season. And the Duggars have married off their oldest son and welcomed an eighteenth child. Would you watch a show about Suleman and her children? And if so, what harebrained antics would you like to see?