Crave: Luichiny Handy Boots

Date dressing is a tricky thing. We don’t want to resort to skin-tight, low-cut, belly-bearing clothes to be sexy. We want to be adored for our witty banter, our keen intellectual insights and our artistic sensibilities. And yet we want to look hot. Really hot. When a friend spied these (unworn) Luichiny Handy Boots in our closet while we were bemoaning the fact that the guy we’d been seeing couldn’t remember what neighborhood we live in (despite the fact that he used to live close by), she handed them to us and said, “Wear these, and he’ll remember your neighborhood, your phone number AND your birthday.” On our next date, the first words out of his mouth were “Those are hot boots!” Score. Now…we’re not sure about the guy, but we’re in love with the boots (and so is everyone else we’re dating). [$135.07,]

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