The Atlanta Housewives Put The NYC And OC Housewives To Shame!

Instead of enjoying the season premiere episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City” last night, I just kept thinking about how much I missed the Atlanta housewives. The New York housewives, and Orange County for that matter, have nothing on those ladies. Let’s face it, “Atlanta” brought the drama in its first season…The feud between NeNe, Kim, and Sheree was priceless and not forced. Everyone was talking about them, and we even debated who was wrong. The drama on “Orange County” was boring. Tamra and Vicki took a disliking to Gretchen because she was younger and prettier. Big surprise! Women have been hating on each other for those reasons for decades, if not centuries. The “New York City” drama was also rather stale. I mean if it was a novel instead of a TV show, we would have closed the book when we came to the chapter about Ramona rudely walking out of Jill’s dinner party or Simon attending girls’ night with his wife. What made “Atlanta” so entertaining was that Kim and NeNe really did have a long friendship that we witnessed unravel. Even if you don’t have an exorbitant amount of wealth, you could relate to them because we all know how a misunderstanding can ruin a relationship.

The O.C. women exhibited the worst stereotypical qualities of women. They were catty just for the sake of being catty. All the housewives talked smack about Gretchen for dating a rich, older man. Hello! They all, with the exception of Vicki, married for money. And poor, pitiful Tamra never had a career of her own. Also, the O.C. women referred to each other and all women as “girls,” diminishing every accomplishment women have made.

Although the ATL ladies were members of elite Atlanta society, I got the feeling that they would be cool hanging with any type of people. New York housewife LuAnn obviously looks down on people from a different class. She admonished Bethenny for introducing her to a driver as “LuAnn,” instead of “Mrs. de Lesseps.” And she felt her housekeeper was less than equal, despite the fact that the woman was pretty much raising her children. However, I do think Bethenny and Jill from “New York City” would totally vibe with NeNe.

I can find admirable qualities in some of the housewives from “Atlanta” and “New York City,” but not “Orange County.” The women from ATL and NYC are indeed a part of the social scene in their respective cities, and they use their status to change and benefit their communities. The O.C. women only interact with each other and no else. And charity? What’s that? Also, the “New York City” women have a worldly air about them and you can assume they know what’s going on outside of New York. They’re intelligent, don’t rely on looks to get them ahead and aren’t looking for acceptance (OK, count Alex out of that last category). The O.C. housewives all, for the most part, play into the beautiful California ditz–big boobs, blonde extensions and over-tanned skin.