Who IS Ray J, Anyway?

Singer/music producer/actor Ray J, Brandy Norwood’s brother, is the latest D-lister to look for love on VH1 on “For the Love of Ray J.” But not much is known about this guy who is desperate for musical success and enjoys partying and loving, other than that Kim Kardashian sex tape business…LOVES: Ray J dated Kim Kardashian for years, and both are best known for “Kim Kardashian, Superstar,” a sex tape that was “leaked” but lists Ray J as the director. Other past paramours include Lil’ Kim, who is featured on his song “Wait a Minute,” and Karine Steffans, a notorious hip-hop groupie. He and Whitney Houston shocked the world when they began dating in 2006. Despite his starring in “For the Love of Ray J,” the two continue an on-and-off relationship. Last week, Ray J made headlines when one of the contestants from his reality show, “For The Love Of Ray J,” Monica “Danger” Leon, said he was the father of her unborn child, which he denies. Drama follows this kid, huh?

CREW: Ray and his sister, the singer Brandy, are the children of gospel singer Willie Norwood. They grew up in East L.A., in an area called Carson, and Ray still maintains many of his friendships from his youth. According to VH1, the women on “For The Love Of Ray J” will have to impress Ray’s family AND famous friends — so who are those famous friends? We’re not sure who will be appearing on the show, just yet, but Ray spends his downtime hanging with fellows artists Shorty Mack, Max Lux, and Mario.

CAREER: Despite releasing three studio albums and working with top-notch music producers like Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, and R. Kelly, Ray J has had a rather dismal singing career. He is known for only three of his singles — “One Wish,” “Wait a Minute,” and “Sexy Can I.” His Knockout Entertainment has a multi-million dollar partnership with Koch Records, Shaquille O’Neal, Money Mark’s Atlanta-based entertainment company Deja34. Ray J’s first television role was L.J. Beckley on “The Sinbad Show,” which premiered in 1993. He also had recurring roles on “One on One” and “Moesha,” which starred his sister Brandy. But let’s face it; his appearance in the Kim Kardashian sex tape really catapulted him into the mainstream. No wonder he supposedly wanted credit…

[All Photos: Splash News]