Lunch Time Liposuction!

We are all a little strapped for time nowadays. It seems there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. But there’s always time to squeeze in a few errands during lunch. Drop off dry cleaning; run to the bank; pay the cable bill; get liposuction! No seriously. Now you can get the lard sucked out of your thighs while you wait for Subway to finish preparing your six-inch sandwich. Smartlipo is a less invasive form of liposuction that can be done during your lunch break. A tiny instrument, like the size of a pencil point, is used to make the incision. And voila! It starts sucking the fat away from those hard to target areas. The most popular areas Smartlipo is being used on are the abs, love-handles and outer thighs. A woman who had the procedure done said, “It’s better than getting a cavity filled.” Yeah, a sharp object digging into my fleshy stomach — don’t know if that’s better than getting a cavity filled. Actually, they both sound like pretty crappy ways to spend a lunch break. So what are the differences between Smartlipo and regular cosmetic surgery? With Smartlipo, you are put under local anesthesia. Yes, that means you are awake during the entire procedure — appetizing! It’s a little cheaper, costing about $3,000, there is less swelling and pain, little bruising, and quicker recovery time, which means you can go back to work after. Your co-workers won’t know what you did on your break and you won’t have to use up a vacation day. Sweet! For a society that is always in a rush and wants instant gratification and glamour, Smartlipo is actually an ingenious idea. But where is the world of cosmetic surgery heading if you can get fat sucked out of your stomach in an hour and make it back to work in time for a meeting? We can already get Botox in the time it takes to take cash out of the ATM, but what’s next? Will you be able to give birth and get a breast lift to reverse the effects of sagging all in less than an hour? Will celebs be able to get their nose jobs in under 30 minutes, with little scarring, and still be able to make it to the red carpet without anyone noticing? Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with getting things done in a hurry, but for something as serious as plastic surgery, where complications occur all the time (ahem, Tameka Foster) the fastest method may not be the best method. [Smartlipo]