Someone Call Maury Povich!

The 13-year-old boy, Alfie Patten, who fathered a baby girl, may not be the baby’s father after all. Rumors are flying all over London that his baby mama, 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman, was a tad on the promiscuous side and two other young boys may possibly be the father. Wow! Chantelle says none of this is true. She loves Alfie, lost her virginity to him and has never slept with anyone else. Fifteen and in love? When I was 15, I was thinking about passing my math test, not love. Tyler Barker, 14, says he slept with Chantelle, but only once, and he may be the father. And Richard Goodshell, 16, says he and Chantelle had sex at least three times and he could be the father. Did no one teach these kids about condoms? Maybe not, because six kids, plus the new baby, already live at Chantelle’s mom’s house. And two dogs, a cat and a bird — that’s a full house!

Alfie said he’s willing to take a DNA test to get things figured out. Someone get Maury on the phone! [The Sun]