Ashley Dupre And Kelly Cutrone Are A Match Made In Reality TV Heaven

Who sits in the front row at a fashion show is a big deal. It demonstrates to everyone what kind of people the designer appeals to in addition to what big names support the label (however, a lot of times designers pay celebs to stud the front row). At this season’s New York Fashion Week, the front rows have been a little lackluster, with fewer companies shelling out for starlets to attend since money is tight these days. That doesn’t mean, however, that wannabes aren’t sneaking in. At Friday’s Yigal Azrouël show, former callgirl Ashley Dupre found a spot in the front row, and she wasn’t even invited. After the show, the designer fired fashion PR bigwig (and reality TV star) Kelly Cutrone for allowing Dupre to sit front and center. But Cutrone didn’t let that get her down and actually spun the situation in her favor, inviting fashion trade publication WWD to a Valentine’s Day dinner with Dupre and herself. The unlikely bunch discussed Dupre’s music career (she’s snagged producers like Peter Zizzo and Rob Fusari), an autobiographical book, and a possible fashion magazine photo shoot over pasta and salmon.

During the meal, Cutrone actually got a little defensive about Dupre, saying, “We’re all hookers in one way or another.” Hm, could this possibly all be part of the upcoming reality show she’s working on with Bravo? If it is, the network has nothing to worry about, even if Project Runway never comes back. A scripted show seriously couldn’t even come up with a storyline so good: Scary PR woman gets fired by big-time fashion designer after befriending former hooker!