10 Things We’d Throw A Tantrum About

Most people have missed a flight at some point. And being upset about it is totally acceptable. But the woman in the video above actually threw a temper tantrum when she was told the gates to her Cathay Pacific flight to San Francisco had been closed and the plane had taken off without her. The airline said it had been calling her to the gate, but when she didn’t responded, a baggage handler unloaded her baggage from the aircraft and the crew closed the gate, per security requirements. We don’t condone this type of behavior because it’s embarrassing and childish — though hilarious when caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube! — but there are some things that would cause us to throw a tantrum. Read the situations in which we’d yell and scream and throw a hissy fit after the jump.1. Someone removes one of our collectible Barbie dolls from its box.
2. Someone reads one of our magazines before we’ve had the opportunity to look at it — we like pristine pages!
3. A very inconsiderate person eating off all the tortilla chips, but leaving a full jar of salsa. [With little bits of chip left inside! — Editor]
4. The internet connection going out just as we’re about to place the winning bid on an eBay auction for a vintage, mint-condition Chanel purse.
5. Completely smudging all ten fingernails as we rush to put on our coat at the nail salon because we’re late for a hot date, which was the whole reason for getting a manicure in the first place, god dammit!
6. Some bitch stealing our cab, after we’ve been standing out in the cold in a ridiculously weather inappropriate outfit for 15 minutes because we were so sure taking the subway would make us even later than we already were and oh yeah, the cab driver totally stopped for her and not us because she was showing more leg.
7. The hot water is out in our apartment for the second day in a row and we were so sleepy when we turned the shower on that we forgot to check the temperature before we got in and now we have hypothermia.
8. A heel, on our favorite pair of shoes, breaking on the way to work.
9. Realizing the latest episode of “Lost” did not DVR because our ex-boyfriend had some History Channel special on wars and weapons set to record at the same time.
10. Domino magazine folding.