The Five Grimiest Places To Get It On

A man was arrested for performing a sex act on himself, wait for it…inside of a dumpster. How TRASHY! Added bonus: the Wisconsin police reportedly found the man inside a trash can outside of an elementary school parking lot (an “eww” on a whole other level). Not only is having any type of sex act in dumpster completely gross, but it’s insanely stupid. After the jump, five random and stupid spots where you wouldn’t want to get caught with your pants down. 1. Crane: A Florida couple were busted having sex atop a construction crane. That sounds dangerous, but maybe fear of falling to a crushing death gets some people off?

2. Drive-Thru Restaurant: A man drove up to a fast food restaurant completely naked and masturbating. The man handed the money to the female employee with his unoccupied left hand. So inappropriate.

3. Train Tracks: A couple was crushed to death while they were having sex on the train tracks in South Africa. Apparently the couple ignored the drivers shouts as the train was coming. Talk about ruining the moment.

4. Police Car: Dutch police arrested a couple for having sex on the hood of their police car, while the police were in the car. Maybe the couple was blind?

5.Graveyard: A French couple was given a four-month suspended prison sentence for making a porn video at Canada’s First World War memorial in France.