Eating In: Valentine’s Day Dinner At Home

We all know Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times of the year, and if you want to really turn up the heat, you should consider preparing dinner at home. I know you’re probably thinking, “What about the expensive restaurant and reservations made months in advance?” Scratch all that off your date book. This Valentine’s Day, you’re going to wow your partner with a homemade romantic dinner.First of all, let’s get one thing straight: Valentine’s Day is not the time to go trying new recipes or new foods. Trust me on this. One Valentine’s Day, I decided to make New York strip steaks and lobster tails. I had never made lobster, and my boyfriend and I had never even tried it. Thank goodness I had prepared steak, or that dinner would have been a bust. No, a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner should be something classic. It should be something you’ve already mastered. This is why I stick with steak. That doesn’t mean the steak dinner has to be the same old thing.

For the steak, invest in more expensive cuts, such as a porterhouse or New York strip. Expensive cuts of beef are so delicious, you really don’t need anything other than the meat and a high-quality steak rub. As for the baked potatoes, try topping them with unique ingredients, such as peppercorn bacon and goat cheese.

A salad can quickly be revamped by topping it with fried mozzarella. All you need to do is coat slices of whole mozzarella in an egg wash and Italian seasoned bread crumbs. Saute in olive oil until golden brown and allow them to cool slightly before placing on your salads.

Now, what about dessert? Sure, a Valentine’s Day dinner at home does allow for quick access to the bedroom, but I’m talking about a dessert you can actually eat. Without a doubt, chocolate-covered strawberries are one of the most romantic desserts you can serve on Valentine’s Day. They truly are the perfect ending to any romantic dinner.

There are some finishing touches to consider on Valentine’s Day. If you want to keep your clothes looking gorgeous as you prepare your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, put on a short-sleeved robe. When your partner arrives, stuff the robe in a drawer and appear at the door looking fabulous. Second, set a romantic mood by lighting candles and using a solid white tablecloth. Last, but not least, do something spontaneous this Valentine’s Day, like serving your romantic dinner while wearing your sexiest lingerie.

Amy Brantley