Attention Slackers: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Be it due to forgetfulness, a last-minute date, or financial strains, people sometimes can get stuck in a last minute rush to get a quick, meaningful Valentine’s Day gift. If this is you, don’t be hard on yourself, unless you really didn’t care. Read on for last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your true love. The quickest ideas are listed first for convenience. If you have no gift wrap, use aluminum foil. It’s pretty and most people have some. And it doesn’t even require tape.Only 30 Minutes to Spare? Don’t Despair
If you’re literally down to the last minute and have only 30 minutes to spare, don’t despair. The Internet and some creativity on your part will come to your rescue. Since you’re reading this, you’re already online. That makes it easy. Now head over to your favorite search engine and type in “free printable love coupons.” That search should take you to Web sites where you can enter your own suggestions or use pre-made coupons for romantic favors. Since you’re down to 30 minutes, every second counts. Here, you should probably opt for the pre-made and maybe throw in just a couple of your own suggestions.

Just an Hour? Don’t Be Sour
If you’re not in as much of a bind as the 30-minute procrastinator and have around an hour to spare before your sweetheart comes knocking on your door, don’t worry. Here’s a last-minute romantic gift. Head to an Internet search engine and find some free printable heart stationery. Print about 20 sheets. Put 10 of them back into the printer. Print some love poems onto those. They can be poems you wrote or those of other authors. Once those print, set them aside. Take the remaining 10 sheets and tape in pictures of you and your sweetheart. Arrange the sheets into a book and fasten them together as you like.

Have a Day? Don’t Delay
If you’ve got only a day left to get your true love a romantic gift, don’t delay. You can now head to the mall. Some great last-minute gifts include undergarments, a new outfit, jewelry and chocolate (when combined with other gifts). Another fun last-minute gift idea is to create a gift basket full of supplies that you will use to pamper your sweetheart. These can be things like massage oils, lotions, bath salts and more. These gifts should all be easy to find at the last minute.

By Momie Tullottes