Quick Pic: Backstage Is Where The Magic Happens

This morning, I got up before sunrise and hoofed it from Brooklyn to the New York Public Library, where the women who walked in The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection were getting primped and pampered before the show. Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin, in a velour Juicy tracksuit, typed away on her phone while getting her hair curled. Susan Lucci looked like a pro getting her smoky eyes put on (damn does she look good for 61). Hairstylists combed and curled extensions still waiting to be attached to heads. Manicurists with tool belts ran around giving manis and pedis — a favorite color was the almost-nude Negligee. A woman shouted “Can I get an E.T.A. on Katie Couric?” into her headset. It was like opening night of my high school play, but with famous people. Red Dress Fashion Show backstage

Red Dress Fashion Show backstage