In Bed With … David Beckham

Born: May 2, 1975 at 9:30 AM in London (UK)
Sun Sign: Taurus
Ascendant: Cancer
Moon: Aquarius
Mercury: Taurus
Venus: Gemini
Mars: Pisces

Love Style:

To this man, love is like a soufflé; it’s delicate and needs time to become a tasty piece of perfection. Although prone to marrying young, he’s not the guy to fall in love fast, but once he does, he’s reliable and kind — a family man that seeks a partner as his best friend, mother to his children and someone to create a sense of security with, a solid comfort zone. He thrives on tradition, but with a modern twist. Yes, Becks is a perfect poster child for what the 21st Century family man is all about. However, that is only one side to Mr. Wonderful, as no one is that perfect. His love and sex drive planets indicate that Becks can be prone to being a little too in love with love and the type to be weak to impulses and escapist tendencies. This means, if he’s not feeling 100% satisfaction in his commitments, he’s not above following his curiosities, venturing to places where he could live out his little fantasies as he dreams them up. Ultimately, to keep him in his ideal state, one must be able to run a three-ring circus that perpetually stimulates and nurtures him.

Sex Style:

Mystery and power are the ultimate things that get this man off. He loves the spotlight and is driven to be in a power couple and want the world to view him in a strong and sexual manner. As it goes, he loves tasting all sorts of flavors in life and with sex; he’ll want to try it all. However, being that he has heavy air elements in his chart, he can easy separate love and sex. This makes his sex style at two extremes, loving and romantic or just flat out raunch — not much gray area in-between. Becks is the type that likes being a good boy with a dirty side that even he surprises himself with, as he loves a good chase. The more challenging or wild the situation, the better, as the unknown is his aphrodisiac. Any taboo or kinky new trend will be on his list of must-tries and if he can’t do it with the one he loves, it won’t matter much to him, as sex is a necessity not only for passion, but his curiosities and imagination.

His Type:

At the heart of it, David is a guy that appreciates tradition, a solid domestic life and a lady that has earthy values, but a killer sense of style. He wants someone that makes him laugh, can keep his mind stimulated while nurturing the hell out of him. Out to live a comfortable family life, but with a modern approach, it’s not surprising he’s taken up pin-thin Aries Posh to become Mrs. B, as she exudes the ability to be able to crack a whip, but seem delicate at the same time — as he’s the guy that can appreciate a take-charge lady, but one that can blur the lines of control, as both will have their place as a team in their own unique way. However, chances are, unless she is softer than her image appears and willing to play up to his delicate sensibilities too, there can be power struggle that not even sex could smooth over, making it a super spicy relationship that has its mix of bitter and sweet.

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