Crave: Mushka Designs Jewelry (Win It!)

After we saw our best friend wearing a cute navy blazer, we cribbed her style and bought the same one. Then, she got back at us by showing up to a party wearing heels just like a pair in our closet. It’s our turn to make her jealous, and we’re all about the Make My Tags necklaces from Mushka Designs. Made from sterling silver, the necklaces are customizable, so friends won’t be able to completely rip off your look. Plus, wearing one can help you remember an important date, the one-word motto you live by, or, um, your first initial. [$39 on sale just for you!, Mushka Designs]

We’re giving away five CUSTOMIZED necklaces from Mushka Designs, but you have to work if you want to win. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Feb. 13 through Thursday, Feb. 19 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules.