You Can Buy Sex And Love, But Not Romance

The New York Times article, “The Recession. Isn’t It Romantic?” reveals that online dating and matchmaking are up despite nearly 600,000 people having lost their jobs last month. And even back in October, people were buying more lingerie and sex toys while they skimped on other essentials. This got me thinking about the stuff you can buy and the stuff you can’t, even if you’d like to. I’d be willing to shell out for romance — too bad it’s not for sale. If you have sexual needs, you can satisfy them in a number of ways: by purchasing a vibrator, paying for sex, or heading to a bar and trolling for guys. Pick any of these ways, and there’s a good chance you’ll get your orgasm by paying a price — from a few bucks to a couple hundred, depending on your taste. A little money will make it possible.

You can even buy yourself love, despite what The Beatles say. Just stop by the Humane Society and pick out the cutest pup in sight. Sure, it’s not romantic love, but it’s still real. Which brings me to what you cannot buy: romance. You could pay someone to buy you chocolates, send you love letters, and bring you breakfast in bed, but you would always know they’re doing it because you gave them money, not because they care about you in some deep and meaningful way. Buying romance is be akin to trying to tickle yourself — it’s pretty much impossible. So, with Valentine’s Day on Saturday, feel lucky if you have any romance in your life, even if your man’s version of the R-word is making you a barely inedible dinner.