Quickies!: Kate’s Stripper Pole, Rihanna’s Valentine, & The Inside Of The Spoon

  • Kate Hudson apparently has a stripper pole installed in her bathroom so Owen Wilson can get hard when he showers at her place. We just love multi-tasking. [Dlisted]
  • A fan is custom-designing a 14K gold diamond necklace for Rihanna, who’s had one helluva week, so the singer will not go empty handed on Valentine’s Day. [Schwartz Media]
  • Awww, how cute! This guy enjoys being the inside of the spoon–getting cuddled from behind. [Your Tango]
  • Tara Reid’s plan to revive her career is in full effect. First step: go to rehab. Second step: sell story about rehab to In Touch Third step: talk about botched plastic surgery over and over. [Perez Hilton]
  • Dina Lohan has to fork over almost $12,000 in back property taxes or the lien placed against her home will go up for auction. Where’s the family breadwinner Lindsay when her mom needs her? [TMZ]
  • Vogue’s cover with Michelle Obama is unimpressive. [Shine]