Facebook Is A Double-Edged Sword

Some Average Joe ending his marriage isn’t newsworthy. Similarly, someone changing their Facebook status isn’t remarkable. But when these two events combine, we take notice, especially when the wife is unaware her marriage is over, and dozens of others find out before she does. One day, Neil Brady of Lancashire, England updated his Facebook status with this message: “…ended his marriage to Emma Brady.” He obviously thought his wife wouldn’t notice. But a concerned friend in Denmark let Emma know she was single by asking a seemingly innocuous question: How was she handling the breakup? Let’s just hope Emma didn’t read the comments regarding her husband’s new status because one read: “You are better off out of it.” Although Neil claims his wife was having an extra-marital affair, we think this was an effed up way to dump her. Adults should be able to handle adult situations without the use of a social networking site.

Facebook is great for finding old friends, classmates, and that guy you met in the bathroom stall at that club. It also lets you keep track of your not-so-close friends. But since everyone, including relatives and current/past employers, is on Facebook, it’s also the perfect place to embarrass yourself or someone else. After the jump, other Facebook mishaps. Hopefully you’ll think before you post another drunk photo or update your status with your favorite sexual position.

  • Last spring, another British man, Edward Richardson, fatally stabbed his estranged wife after she changed her Facebook status to “single.”
  • In December, Barack Obama’s 27-year-old speech writer, Jon Favreau, was embarrassed by a photo on his Facebook page showing him groping a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton.
  • In 2007, someone lifted profile photos from Miss New Jersey 2007 Amy Polumbo’s Facebook page and tried to blackmail her into relinquishing the crown. She ended up releasing the photos herself. Although the images just show her partying and goofing around, it was probably very annoying to have to deal with this.
  • Kevin Colvin proved to be a not too bright intern when he took time off for a “family emergency” but then posted a new photo to his profile during his absence, which his boss obviously found out about. He was wearing a fairy costume in the photo.
  • A Radford, Virginia business owner discovered who was shoplifting from her store because the two college thieves posted photos of themselves in the stolen goods on their Facebook pages.
  • Even the French government has been embarrassed by Facebook.