DIY: Valentine’s Day Cards

This is the first Valentine’s Day my beloved and I will spend together and I want to make him something COOL. I found these homemade easy-sew cards at The Purl Bee. Even if you can barely thread a needle, you could make these sweetie pie notes—the genius is that even if you totally mess up, it will just look sloppily cute.

If you are just plain allergic to needle and thread, you can buy these insanely cute iron-on animal love patches from Etsy, and press them on your homemade card. For the more daring, instructions for the cute-as-hell cards after the jump…. Adapted from The Purl Bee


1/4 yard each of printed fabric, your choice.
3 different colors ofl cotton embroidery thread
An assortment of pre-cut 3.5-inch x 5-inch cards or card stock in neutral colors.
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Clear tape
Embroidery needle

To Do:

1. Make a 1 3/4-inch heart shaped template out of scrap paper.
2. Fold a card in half and center the template.
3. Trace the template.
4. Cut out the heart shape from the card.
5. Cut a roughly two inch square piece of fabric. Iron it if it’s wrinkled.
6. Working on the inside of the card, place the fabric right side up on top of the cut out.
7. Tape the fabric down making sure that it covers the heart cut out entirely.
8. Working from the outside of the card with an embroidery needle and contrasting embroidery thread, make a running stitch around the edge of the heart shape.
9. Once you’ve gotten all the way around tie and snip your ends then tape them down.
10. Give to honey. Prepare for excessive smooching in gratitude.