How To Marry A Millionaire: Advice From Matchmaker Patti Stanger

The second season of “The Millionaire Matchmaker” premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo (who else is excited?!). In anticipation of another season of matchmaker Patti Stanger’s stellar advice for hooking a millionaire, we thought we’d reminisce about the show’s first season. After the jump, five of our favorite dating tips from Stanger. Currently, we follow none of them, which could explain why our dates consist of cheap beer rather than helicopter rides. 1. No sex until you’re in a committed, exclusive relationship.

2. If you have curly hair, straighten it. A man likes to run his fingers through a woman’s hair, and that isn’t nearly as enjoyable if your mane feels like Brillo.

3. Flowers, jewelry, and vacations go a long way with the gals.

4. Date someone for all four seasons before you get married — you need to know what they’re like at all times of the year.

5. Don’t move in together until your families have met, you have a ring, your wedding date is set.