Breaking Down The Rihanna/Chris Brown Rumors

The rumors surrounding Chris Brown’s alleged assault on Rihanna are getting out of control. It’s like all of Hollywood is potentially involved in whatever blowout occurred before the supposed incident, as everyone from Jay-Z to Leona Lewis has been mentioned as somehow “involved.” After the jump, we break down all the rumors — yes, they’re just rumors — surrounding RiRi and Chris Brown’s weekend scandal. [Note: Everything mentioned below is either a rumor or references the alleged incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown. As he hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, please assume that all references to that incident are under the “allegedly” umbrella.]

Rumor #1: Brown blew up at Rihanna because she gave him herpes. Herpes she contracted from a “famous rapper,” aka Jay-Z, her mentor and once rumored lover. The problem with this theory is that would probably mean Beyonce has herpes and something tells me Sasha Fierce would not stand for that.

Rumor #2 & 3: Shortly before the fight occurred, Brown got a sexy text from Paris Hilton, who had been flirting with him at the party earlier in the night. Rihanna saw the text and got pissed. And another rumor says that Hilton, who everyone knows has the herps thanks to that Valtrex prescription, gave Brown the gift that keeps on giving, and he, in turn, gave it to Rihanna.

Rumor #4: Brown was actually flirting with Leona Lewis that night, not Paris Hilton, and Rihanna saw him “put his hand on the small of Lewis’ back” and it pissed her off.

Rumor #5: Brown was being a jerk to Rihanna at the pre-Grammy party and actually picked up his new fling, Keshia Chante, and she was a witness to his alleged assault on Rihanna.

Rumor #6: Brown was upset by rumors that RiRi had cheated on him with Kanye West, who was also at the pre-Grammy party, and the two got in a fight over it. Kanye has since said about the alleged incident, “It’s just so devastating …I feel like just as a person…That should never happen, it should never come to that place.”

[All Photos: Splash News]