15 Ways To Tell A Guy You Love Him Without Saying the “L” Word

You already know how I feel about a woman saying “ I love you” first, but whether you agree with my stance or just aren’t ready to blurt out the “L” word quite yet, there are plenty of ways to tell a guy how you feel without spelling it out explicitly. After the jump, fifteen ways to tell a guy you love him without saying it aloud. 1. Quit dragging him to Katherine Heigl movies

2. Stock your fridge with his favorite beer

3. Carve his name in a tree

4. Take that photo of your ex off the nightstand

5. Give him Fido’s spot on the bed

6. Let your Facebook status do the talking

7. Two words: magnetic poetry

8. Give him a key to your place

9. …and backdoor entry

10. Make him soup when he’s sick (and not just the canned stuff)

11. TiVo “The Bachelor” so he can watch Monday Night Football at your place…or at least do “picture in picture”

12. Let him think he’s the best sex you’ve ever had

13. Tattoo his initials on your shoulder***

14. Let him see you cry

15. Quit teasing him about the size of his wang

***But only if you’re a little insane