What Men Really Want For Valentine’s Day

Guys have it easy when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift-giving. There are so many completely obvious options: lingerie, flowers, jewelry, chocolate. Sure, we might not want those things, but at least it’s a starting point. To help you find a gift for your boy that will be appreciated, we asked eight guys in cities around the country what they hope to get on Feb. 14.

“There are a lot of traditions like flowers and candy, but does anything say Valentine’s Day better than a nice, juicy steak from Lindey’s or Ruth’s Chris?” Eric Fleming, Minneapolis

“A trip on the Provincetown ferry would be awesome. It would be great to go on a historic sightseeing tour of the city this spring!” – Carl Stearns, Boston

“I’ve never been to a spa, but I’ve heard great things about the men’s spa services at the Mimosa Hotel on the beach. That could be a fun, new experience.” – Sam Olson, Miami

“Since I recently got my girlfriend an engagement ring, I’d love a nice watch from the Cartier Chicago boutique, or a similar Chicago watch store, with an engraving symbolizing our relationship.” Gregory Thompson, Chicago

“My wallet is a bit thin these days and I haven’t gotten a chance to see any Cavs games. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like 48 minutes of good basketball.” – Richard Alexander, Cleveland

“All my friends rave about Runyon Canyon, and I want to start hiking it on a regular basis. For Valentine’s Day, I’d love a new pair of athletic shoes for hiking and running.” Chris Loud, Los Angeles

“This Valentine’s Day, I’d like tickets to a Mardi Gras ball, like Endymion or Bacchus. Although, a trip to the Super Bowl for the New Orleans Saints would be the greatest gift of all.” Sullivan Vullo, New Orleans

“I want a vest from Penfield, because it’s nearly vest season, and two tickets to the Bishop Allen concert on April 5th at Bowery Ballroom (so my girlfriend can come, too).” Jon Wilde, New York