Quickies!: Is Paris To Blame For Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Fight?

  • Was Paris Hilton the reason a fight broke out between Chris Brown and Rihanna? Paris apparently got a little to close to Chris while Rihanna performed at one of the Grammy pre-parties. According to Us Weekly, Brown got a random booty call text message, which Rihanna saw. Could it have been Paris? Can we quit the 10 degrees of the Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal, puhlease? [OK!]
  • Rihanna is not the only woman to have been in an abusive relationship. In fact, one in four college girls is a victim of domestic violence and it may be someone you know. [Lemondrop]
  • NeNe and Lisa from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are speaking out about domestic violence in relationships. Both have admitted to being in abusive relationships in the past. [Essence]
  • Watch out ladies! Zac Efron was seen walking around the beach…with no shirt on! And he’s sporting a six pack. [TMZ]
  • After all the fuss surrounding her weight issues, Jessica Simpson is designing a clothing line. It’s supposed to flatter every figure. Finally, something positive is coming out of her weight gain. [TV Guide]
  • Football quarterback, Brett Farve is finally hanging up his cleats. He told his current team, the New York Jets, he will not be back for another season and is definitely retiring this time. [ESPN]