Prep Your Place For A Sexy V-Day Visitor

Feminine touches make a house a home, but before you invite a man back to your place on Valentine’s Day, you’ve gotta make it dude-friendly. Think of it like baby-proofing a place, but for the other kind of baby! You don’t want him to get turned off by your knickknacks when he’s already turned on by the mere thought of seeing your junk. So, here’s how to get your space ready for sexy time ….
1. NIGHT LIGHT: Some ladies don’t like to keep the lights on, but if it were up to the guys they’d beam with a full 100 watts. To be fair, you have to be able to see who and what you’re doing, so make the lighting flattering. Use dimmers, get a lamp with a low wattage bulb, or even a red light you can turn on when your downtown is open for business!

2. CLEANSE: You use soap and water when you shower, so give your apartment that same consideration. After all, you don’t want to limit yourselves to the bed just because he’s too afraid to put his naked body on the rest of your place.

3. REVENGE OF THE NERDS: Some things should stay in the closet when you have a date. We all have hobbies, but you need to hide the ones that’ll make you seem more like a never-got-it Hobbit than a super sexy hottie. Aside from running the risk of looking lame, if there’s too much crap around, the stud won’t focus on you — plus you didn’t bring him home to play with your toys. So toss things like your quarter collection, David Bowie fan art, Star Trek novels, and even your stuffed animal BFF in a drawer far, far away from where any man would find it.

4. SENSE A MEMORY: Cher from “Clueless” knew that aroma is an important aphrodisiac. Now, don’t go baking, just so your apartment smells like chocolate chip cookies, but make sure your house doesn’t reek of trash or you’ll seem like it. A neutralizing air freshener can help, just be careful not to go overboard with florals or your place will smell like girl puke. If you are going to go for a particular scent, Dr. V suggests that men love the sweet cinnamon smell.

5. SPARK: I’m gonna give it to you straight: In case you get the sudden urge to poop or fart, keep matches over your toilet. Those aren’t the kind of natural body functions he came to your home for.

6. NO ROOM FOR MATES: The first time you bring a guy home, give your roommate the heads-up. Nothing is more awkward than an introduction that interrupts the seduction — or worse, a fight with your flatmate. So, ask your rent sharer to stay out of sight while you’re “entertaining.”

7. TAKE IT OFF: Keep all your clothes and accessories in your closet and shut the door! You don’t want his jaw to drop when he stares at that rack. Get all those clothes you were considering wearing on the date off your bed and hide them until you have time to hang them. Don’t let him see that your getting-dressed process is a mess!

8. QUENCH YOUR THIRST: Have beverages you can offer him. While a well-stocked bar is always sexy, even something as cute as lemonade can go a long way. Once you start sweating together, you’ll both really appreciate the extra energizing drink.

9. MY PET: Of course you want your dog to sniff out a new man, but once you’re naked, that pet has no place being by your side. It can really freak people out to have an animal nosing around and staring at your sexy times, so keep your furry friend out of the room.

10. CUBBY HOLE: Last, but certainly not least, streamline your medicine cabinet. Take a cloth bag and toss in your wart remover, that leftover yeast infection cream, extra pregnancy test, etc, and hide the evidence under your sink. It’s all TMI.