What He Wants You To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Every woman has been faced with the dilemma of what to wear on a date. We’ll ask anyone in earshot, including the fitting room attendant, but we hardly ever consult the person who has to accompany us on said date. Thankfully, The New York Post asked men what they want their date to wear on Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly, some got more creative than just saying, “Nothing.”

  • Men realize it’s February and it’s probably cold outside, so dressing like a Vegas-bound pop-tart is illogical and unnecessary. Save the skimpy outfit for your next private striptease and go for something warm and comfortable that will let you shine.
  • A simple dress and heels can also work. One guy said a knee-length, V-neck dress, and high-heels is all he needs. I guess a little cleavage and collarbone exposure will keep any man paying attention to your bod and your convo.
  • One not-so-creative guys likes form-fitting dresses with knee-high boots. It’s no wonder he likes Bebe clothes. He probably goes there to pick up the sales associates.
  • One guy said an expensive pair of shoes is all he requires. But you can tantalize your man even if you don’t have Jimmy Choo money. As long as the shoes turn you on and your able to demonstrate that to your man, he won’t care how much you paid for them.
  • If dresses and skirts aren’t your thing, some guys like pantsuits. But we’re weary of any man that finds Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits sexy. Instead check out how Jennifer Aniston and Madonna stay sexy in power suits.
  • If your Valentine’s Day plans don’t call for formal wear, a simple jeans and blouse outfit will suffice.