Single People Kick Butt

Couples always seem to catch a lucky break over Valentine’s Day. They can’t just be happy to have someone to spend the day with. No! That’s not enough for couples; they seem to get all the cool Valentine’s Day promotions as well. For example, many hotels are offering cute weekend getaways, restaurants always have romantic dinner specials, and the most relaxing place in the world, the spa, is offering couples massages and packages. Everywhere I look, it’s “free for couples” this, and “lovers special” that. Ugh! Well, it’s time I take my frustration out on something…Crunch Gym is having a celebration for singles. The gym will allow you to release some of your built up bitterness toward smug monogamists with a free kickboxing class on Feb. 14. All you have to do is bring in a picture of your ex and you get a free workout class.You tape a picture of him (or her) to the punching bag then punch, kick and jab away. And if working out for free doesn’t get you excited, maybe meeting your potential mate will. Find your Valentine’s Day date for next year (and hopefully years to come) on, with 20 percent off of a six-month subscription. It’s looking up for us single folks.