Dita Von Teese’s Valentine’s Day Tips

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dita Von Teese has dished her saucy secrets on how we regular gals can show off our sex appeal like a pro! The glamour girl sat down with Fabulous mag and shared her smooth moves, and we busted out our pen and took some notes. Here’s what we learned about Miss Dita’s jaw dropping boudoir behavior after the jump….1. Flash! (Those Pearly Whites)

“When a man pictures his woman in his head he’ll always remember when she’s laughing and smiling, not necessarily when she’s trying her hardest to look sexy. If you feel happy and comfortable, then you’re more likely to feel sexy – even if it’s in your skinny jeans and boots, or short skirt. Just let yourself go.”

You heard it from a fashionista, Miss Von Teese knows all you need to wear is a smile. That’s a sexy recession proof accessory!

2. Turn On

“To look your best you have to have good lighting. Fix a dimmer switch in the bedroom and play with the settings. I have dimmers in all my rooms.”

Light can even fill up your senses. Use scented candles or even the candles that double as massage oil, and you’ll really shine.

3. Very Vanilla

“Normal or conventional sex can be just as good as adventurous sex. You should never feel like you are under pressure to perform. When someone’s trying to impress you, it doesn’t work. It’s better to let one thing lead to another naturally, so you’re more relaxed.”

You don’t have to wind up going to the chiropractor just because you wanted to let him know you’re having a good time. Give him something he can feel and just go with it!

4. Rock Your Look

“A lot of people confuse the idea of being sexy with an image of how they think they should look. There’s no one way to be sexy. I feel most sexy in stockings, garters and gorgeous lingerie, but that’s not because I think men will like it – it’s what I like. Everyone is different, so work out what makes you feel most sexy and go with it. Variety is the spice of life.”

Your man likes your style, that’s why you have sexy times. So, you don’t have to try to look like you belong on the “Rock Of Love III” bus, if that’s not your thing, just to get his attention. He wants YOU, in all your glory!

5. Doin’ It & Doin’ It & Doin’ It Well

“The more sex you have, the more sexy you become. Plus, the more sex you get, the more you want it.”

Waiting around for sex only puts more pressure on both of you since it becomes more of an event. No need to wait for him to initiate sex — keep both your libidos on schedule by looking for lovin’!