Reader Valentine’s Day Sob Story: The IM That Ended It All

Valentine’s Day is probably the most emotionally charged day of the year — and we’re not just talking about lovey-dovey feelings (although there is a lot of that). To celebrate cupid’s special day, we’re posting your stories about your best and worst Valentine’s Days. To submit, email [email protected] by Monday, Feb. 9, and include “Best Valentine’s Day” or “Worst Valentine’s Day” in the subject.

After the jump, Roz shares the sad tale of how her nine-year marriage ended after an instant messaging slip up.

I was awakened last Valentine’s Day by my hubby’s tender kisses. He told me how awesome I was and how very much he loved me. Then, he gave me a beautiful vase full of flowers from him and another from our children. Fast forward a few hours. We were IMing each other about our romantic plans for the night, and he typed something about my “beautiful blond hair,” to which I responded, “But honey, I don’t have blond hair.” I joked with him about whether he was IMing with his blond girlfriend, and he assured me that was not the case. To make a long story short, our romantic evening ended with him saying he wanted a divorce and me pitching the flowers in the trash. – Roz Beule