Timeline: Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Relationship

Although the pair have never admitted they were dating, it’s pretty safe to assume they’ve been a couple for the past year. Check out what preceded this past weekend’s events.

  • Summer 2007: Chris Brown collaborates with Rihanna on a remix of her hit single, “Umbrella.”
  • August 2007: Brown tells Giant magazine that he witnessed his stepfather abusing his mother and wanted to kill his stepfather.
  • September 2007: Although he classifies himself as “single and ready to mingle,” Brown tells Us Magazine that he and Rihanna are just friends who have flirted a little, but haven’t taken things to the next level.
  • October 2007: Rihanna is linked to Josh Hartnett.
  • January 2008: Celeb gossip sites say Brown and Rihanna are indeed dating.
  • February 2008: The pair attended the 2008 Grammy Awards together, but remain coy about their relationship. Two days later, they were spotted holding hands as they went into a private room at an L.A. hot spot. He also serenaded her at her birthday party and grabbed and kissed her when the song was done. Later that month, the two were awfully cuddly in a pool in Jamaica.
  • May 2008: Rihanna tells Elle she and Brown have “always been friends, but we’re very close now.”
  • July 2008: Brown reportedly tells Rihanna to stop wearing revealing clothing.
  • November 2008: For the second time, the pair gets similar tattoos.
  • December 2008: Brown and Rihanna appear to get into an argument at a nightclub.
  • January 2009: The couple were spotted on vacation with her family in Barbados over the holidays. Rumors of a New Year’s proposal follow.
  • February 2009: While in Europe, Brown got really close to some women and Rihanna was no where to be seen. As a result, breakup rumors surface.
  • February 7-8, 2009: Rihanna and Chris Brown attended a high-profile industry party together on Saturday, the night before they both were supposed to perform at the Grammy Awards. Brown was involved in an early morning argument and physical assault that took place on the streets of L.A. Sunday evening it is announced that neither Rihanna nor Brown will attend the awards ceremony because they were in a car accident. He turned himself in and L.A. booked the singer on charges of making a criminal threat. He later posted $50,000 bail and was released late Sunday night. He was charged with felony battery. Rihanna is rumored to be the victim of the alleged assault, but LAPD has not confirmed that report.