Valentine’s Day Slideshow: 10 Dresses That Will Have Him Smitten

vday dress 1 jpg
Valentine’s Day is on the way and we realized this morning that we’ve got not a stitch to wear. Hours of e-browsing, however, revealed a world of dresses appropriate for all sorts of bodies and budgets. Because we love you too much to keep these finds to ourselves, here goes…

Herve Leger’s band-aid dresses are the quintessential sexpot uniform. If you’re not looking to drop $1,450 for the ass-compressing power of those elastic straps, try the BCBG variation above for $338. You’ll get the same body-hugging look with a little less wallet worry.

*Confident, curvy ladies and their stick-like counterparts alike will pull this one off with ease. If you’re boyish or pear shaped, click on for something a little more friendly to your body.

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