The 12 Most Ridiculous Names For Beauty Products

“Who’s She” red, “Hollywood Nights” hot pink, “Mauve-lous Memories” — clever names for makeup colors are supposed to seduce you into buying cosmetics. Sadly, some manufacturers have completely missed the mark and named their goods badly. While Wendy pointed out some clothing items have become fashion victims because of their uncool names, here’s a round up of the ugliest names for beauty products…

1. Hindu
NARS Lipstick
Frankly, I’d be pretty offended if NARS came out with a color called Jewish.

2. Chastity
Essie Nail Polish
Sex sells. Essie must not have gotten the memo.

3. Mildew
Urban Decay Vegan Eyeshadow
Clearly, this eyeshadow isn’t waterproof.

4. Madness
Chanel Les Vernis Nail Polish
You’d have to be crazy to buy $23 nail polish in a recession.

5. Baby’s Got Lips
Covergirl Incrediful Lipcolor
Ew. Lipstick is for grown-ups.

6. Dimebag
Kat Von D Eyeshadow
Was Michael Phelps the color consultant?

7. Threesome
Wet N’ Wild Silk Finish Highlight & Contour Blush
Wet N’ Wild lives up to its name. Are they planning on making a matching eyeshadow group called Orgy?

8. Underage
MAC Tinted Lip Glass
Tinted? More like tainted!

9. Foiled
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss
Revlon even admits to their bad marketing plan for this color.

10. Siss, Meltdown, & Modesty
MAC Lipstick
Siss is what my grandma calls pee. Does it get less sexy than that? Well, yes — there are also colors called Meltdown and Modesty.

11. Stalkerazzi
Too Faced Liquid Eyeliner
This color outlines the peepers.

12. Faux Pas
Lancôme Sensational Effects Eyeshadow
Lancôme made an oopsies!