Here’s What She Wants You To Do Down South

If a woman knows how to suck a Popsicle, she’s halfway to being a fellatio expert. But what prepares a man for going down on a woman? Like most women, we’ve had the unfortunate experience of being with a guy who is willing to go down but has no idea what he’s doing when he gets there. Tell him? Well, we didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It’s hard to talk about sex when you’re in the middle of it. After the jump, women reveal what they really want.1. Forget everything you’ve seen in porn.

“I hate when guys go at you like dogs just out of the desert slobbering frantically away at their first bowl of water. Tone it down! It’s a freaking parfait, not a pie-eating contest!” – Rebecca

2. Get wet.

“What makes it good? A really wet tongue that is constantly replenished. So many guys ‘dry out and then keep going, and it’s painful!” – Victoria

3. It’s not all about the tongue.

“The biggest mistake seems to be thinking oral sex is a purely a tongue thing. It’s not. They should think of it like kissing. Just a little bit of tongue.” – Kate

4. Your tongue isn’t an extension of your member.

“Too much tongue in the wrong way made me feel like I was at the gynecologist. It was bad business.” – Jai

5. Don’t forget the surrounding real estate.

“Kissing around the inner thighs is a MUST. It isn’t just about getting in and getting out, it’s about the whole area.” – Victoria

6. Come hither with your hands.

“Nothing makes an orgasm from oral sex more intense than when he sticks in even just one of his finger and makes a ‘come here’ motion, rubbing what I guess is my g-spot.” – Andi

7. Have some rhythm.

“I can be thisclose to coming, but if the guy breaks his rhythm, it’s distracting. If you’re doing something that’s working, keep it up and don’t be all over the places with your speed and movements.” – Jillian