Sexy Valentine’s Gifts For Hot Couples

Valentine’s Day is about sharing your love. Forget the usual cheesy crap and give holiday favors you can enjoy as a couple. Here are our favorite present picks for pairs who want to get frisky and give each other the gift that keeps on giving …1. Burning Desire Soy Massage Oil Candle: Turn soft candlelight into a sexy rub-down. [$21.50,]

2. Silk Binding Sashes: Get tied up by the one you love in these bows. [$145,]

3. KY Yours + Mine: His and hers lube gives you something more comfortable to slip into. [$16.99,]

4. Rockin’ Rabbit: Slip this vibe on him and you’ll both enjoy the bumpy ride thanks to dual controls. [$21.95,]

5. Nights In White Satin Honeymoon Bondage Kit: This kinky kit comes with four satin handcuffs, four tethers, a feather tickler, a blindfold, a small vibe, and two candles. It’s a handful you’ll want to hold onto all night long! [$28.99,]

6. Lay It Down by Al Green: The new record by the soul king of romance will give you a mood-setting beat for your sexy times. [$10.99,]

7. Fundies: These skivvies built for two will get you in each others’ underpants. [$9.99,]

8. Tongue Toy Turbo: This little bullet vibrator will give anyone a silver tongue. [$49, Tongue Joy]